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9 to 9:30am: Pre-op visit with male, early 30’s.  Male to have Rhinoplasty (view video about), Septoplasty, and Functional Endoscopic Surgery surgery on August 14th.

Patient requested to remove bump from his nose and refine profile.

9:30 to 10am: Pre-op visit with female, mid 20’s for for Rhinoplasty.  Dr. Guida to went over photos of ideal nose.

Female, early 20’s Rhinoplasty. Requested bump on nose to be removed.

10 to 10:30am: Follow-up with male patient on Lesion/Cyst/Nevus removal.  Learn more about lesions here.

10:15 to 10:30am: Office procedure on female, mid 40’s.  Dr. Guida injected patient with botox.  Learn more about botox here.

10:30am to 12pm: Office procedure scheduled for Lesion/Cyst/Nevus removal on female patient, early 40’s.

12 to 12:30: Follow up after surgery with male patient, late 30’s. Patient had Rhinoplasty surgery to narrow the tip of his nose.

1 to 2pm: Out of the office for lunch.