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2 to 2:30pm: New consultation with female patient in her early 20’s.  Patient looking for a Rhinoplasty to remove the hump on her profile and minimize her over projected nose.  The patient was also suffering from breathing through her nose on the right side, which indicates a deviated septum.

When Dr Guida was taking her pictures he realized her nose was crocked to the right, which is a common symptom of a deviated septum.   The plan for surgery is to address both cosmetic and functional issues of the nose.  The patient starts graduate school in the fall, in which she wants to start with a fresh nose.

The most common complaint patients have about their nose is that it is too big relative to their other facial features.  According to one study woman generally share similar views on the ideal nose.  Compared to the average nose the preferred nose is a little smaller than average and has a little scoop and upturn.

2:30 to 3pm: New consultation with female patient, African America in her early 20’s.  Patient looking for a Rhinoplasty to reduce the size of her nostrils and make her nose more prominent, which is a common request of Ethnic Rhinoplasty patients.

3 to 3:30pm: Follow up with female patient, early 60’s.  Patient had Skin Cancer removed on her nose 5 years ago.  She now has skin cancer in another location between her eyes on the upper part of her nose.  Dr. Guida recommended she has Mohs Surgery, in which Dr. Guida would reconstruct the nose following surgery.    Skin cancer is often a result of excess sun exposure before the age of 30, in which this particular patient grew up next to the Jersey Shore.

3:15 to 3:45pm: New consultation with female patient, early 60’s.  Patient looking for a Rhinoplasty.  Patient was born with an upturn nose, but gradually turned down and started dropping in her teens.  She remembers kids in high school making fun of her, in which was when her nose started to effect her self esteem.  It was only until her 60’s that she had the means and the time to undergo surgery.

Dr. Guida often performs a tip-plasty on older patients to give a more youthful appearance to the face.  Excess cartilage is removed from the nasal tip which can subtly improve the look of the nose.

3:45 to 4:15pm: Office procedure on female patient, late 50’s.  Patient to receive Botox to remove fine lines in the face.  Botox lasts on average 4 months, which fluctuates based on the skin.  Dr Guida also used a filler (Restylane) on her deep acne scars to smooth it out.

Botox recently celebrated it’s 10th year anniversary, which dates back to 2002 when the FDA approved the injectable.  According to Vanity Fair’s Blog “Nearly 11.8 million procedures have been done since 2002, and 6 million women ask their doctors about Botox every year.”

4 to 4:30pm: New consultation with female patient looking to receive liposuction.  In our office the most popular area for liposuction is the outer thighs.

4:30 to 5pm: Office procedure on female patient, mid-60’s.  Patient to receive Botox injections.

5 to 5:30pm: New consultation with male patient for Rhinoplasty.  Typically men are more conservative about the approach to their nose, in which they stress the importance of a natural looking nose that functions well.  Men often suffer from injuries to the nose resulting from sports related activities.