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Q: What is new in surgical treatment of sinusitis? 

Several revolutionary advances have occurred in the last decade that have improved the results of sinus surgery dramatically. Endoscopes connected to a TV monitor provide accurate and magnified views of the inside of the nose and sinuses, making surgery accurate and safe. CT scans are computerized x-rays giving detailed pictures of the nose and sinus anatomy allowing for accurate diagnosis and a “road map” during surgery. Powered nasal endoscopy is another major advance in this surgery. Using the nasal endoscope, the powered device gently shaves or debrides away the diseased, obstructive tissue under direct vision, while leaving normal tissue intact. Improved anesthesia allows the operation to be done under twilight intravenous sedation on an outpatient basis, allowing for a speedy recovery. Most often, Dr. Guida do not “pack the nose” after surgery making the recovery is much more comfortable.

Image of Sinuses During Endoscopic Surgery